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Gorsky’s Farm: Making Great Food That Is Good For You

Stillwater –

Wayne and Katie Gorsky, owners of Gorsky’s Farm in Stillwater, are trying to get families throughout the Capital District to sit down and eat dinner together. They know that folks want to feed their families good food but might not have the time to prepare meals. “We’re here to help you do life,” Katie said. The farm store is open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., located on their property. They offer same-day delivery services throughout the Capital District. Wayne and Katie are making life easier and tastier for many families.

Dedicated to sustainable, innovative, and diverse family farming, Gorsky’s Farm is trying to connect residents with local food. The couple raises all of their own meats: beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey and laying hens. Across the field is the family dairy. Everything that is raised on the farm is transformed by Katie into mouthwatering meals available for the public consumption. “Our Monday through Friday dinner specials are the same weekly throughout the season but we are constantly rotating through additional entrees,” Katie said. She adds, “The recipes are a combination of some we have developed here such as our cinnamon buns, taco seasoning, mac and cheese, and soups.” There are also family recipes, like Aunt Mary’s Irish Cream Pound Cake and her Oatmeal Scotchies. Katie teases that Aunt Mary’s red velvet cupcakes may be revealed in the near future. Grandma’s Potato Salad is a nod to Wayne’s grandmother. Katie enjoys being in the kitchen. “There’s rarely a bad moment in the kitchen. I enjoy both the rhythm of making our regular recipes, like Italian bread and cinnamon buns, as well as the time to spin out and get creative with something new,” she said.

Farming is in the couple’s DNA. Wayne is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. Katie is a generation removed from a long line of Irish farmers. It is for this reason that Katie realizes how lucky they are to farm in Saratoga County. “Saratoga County is pretty much the best place on earth to live,” she said. “We have this amazing balance of great people, access to conveniences and wide open farm land. I think it is critical to not lose that balance and I cringe when a development pops up on what was once farmland.” It is for these reasons that Wayne and Katie work so hard to maintain their active farmland and be visible in the community. Recently, Katie announced on the Gorsky’s Farm Facebook page that they were donating proceeds from every sold tray of macaroni and cheese to Stillwater Battle Football and Cheerleading. “We have the most awesome community. Giving back to the community that gives so much to us is a no brainer,” she said.

Katie and Wayne know it is imperative to provide healthy and affordable meals to families. “So many times life gets in the way of preparing dinners that are healthy and family friendly without breaking the budget,” Katie said. She knows first-hand that it takes a village for most families to function, and her family is no exception as she cites her fabulous team that helps her get everything done on the farm. “We all have our strengths,” she said. “It takes a village, we’re just the part that feeds you so you can shuttle to dance and run to Cuddle Bugs Consignment Shop for new pants because the kid grew again overnight and without the budget busting nutritionally void drive-thru guilt.”

For more information on all of the delicious meals Gorsky’s Farm offers daily, in addition to delivery options, please go to their website: http://gorskysfarm.com/

Don’t forget Gorsky’s Farm over the holidays! They are offering a variety of pies including pumpkin, apple, chocolate-chip cookie and peanut butter fudge, all made from scratch. In addition to turkey Katie is also busy whipping up decadent sides, including stuffing, grown-up green bean casserole, mashed red potatoes, honey-glazed ginger carrots and the ever-popular buttermilk biscuits and honey butter. You can pick one or all for your next holiday party!

by Emily Marcason-Tolmie

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